Diabetes Specialized Care

Diabetes affects the way your body processes insulin, which is a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels. If your body doesn’t properly use insulin, or if it doesn’t produce enough insulin, it raises the risk of serious health problems like heart disease, nerve damage, kidney failure, blindness, and more.  

 The different types of diabetes are Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and Gestational diabetes. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas stop working properly. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body becomes resistant to insulin over time and Gestational diabetes develops during pregnancy in women. 

The best way to manage diabetes naturally is with lifestyle changes like eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, avoiding excess weight gain (especially around the waist), and keeping your stress levels low. 

However, one can control or manage this chronic disease by taking insulin or other medications regularly. With our OP, Lab and Pharmacy facilities, Stadium Pharmacy’s team of certified diabetic experts help in the total evaluation and management of diabetes. Our comprehensive approach ensures that people with diabetes receive the most advanced medical care and education to prevent complications. 

If you’re struggling with treating your diabetes or managing it while living with it every day, we can help! Let’s talk about how we can work together to overcome this challenge @ 816-356-4600 or visit Stadium Pharmacy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a pharmacist help with diabetes?
Yes, pharmacists at Stadium Pharmacy are proficient in helping patients with diabetes. They assist in blood sugar monitoring, provide information on diabetes medication management, and suggest lifestyle changes to manage the condition.
What is a diabetes pharmacist?
A pharmacist who is specialized in providing information on diabetes, and diabetes management is a diabetes pharmacist.
How can I get help with diabetes medication?
Visit our pharmacy, speak with our pharmacist and get the required guidance to manage diabetes.