Patient Consultation

Get the comprehensive care you need by reaching our pharmacy. Our pharmacists who are part of our healthcare team have a long professional history are proficient to provide the care you deserve

How our Patient Consultation Benefits?


Patient Education: We help our clients to intake medicines in the right way by counseling and educating about the meds.


Monitor medication intake: By keeping track of the medication records of our patients, we remind patients when it’s time to fill and help them to stay adherent.


Help meeting health goals: We guide them with needful lifestyle changes for their happy living


Ensure proper dispense of prescriptions: We prevent dispensing of wrong medications by double checking our patients’ prescriptions with their medical history

Ready for Consulting Us?

We encourage to reach us and our friendly team at Stadium Pharmacy understand your concerns and provide you with right patient counseling & education that you really need!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a pharmacist give consultation?
Yes, a trained and licensed pharmacist can provide information related to medication, drug interactions and consultation.
What is a consultation in pharmacy?
A consultation in pharmacy refers to the process where a pharmacist provides medication-related advice and information to healthcare providers, patients, and other members of the healthcare team.
What are the steps of patients counselling?

The steps of patients counselling are:

  • Understanding patient’s purpose of visit
  • Addressing medication needs and concerns
  • Providing information about medication with necessary guidelines
  • Reinforcing the information provided by asking the patients to repeat
  • Scheduling follow-up appointments if needed
  • Documenting the counselling session in patient’s medical record
Why is pharmacist consultation important?

Pharmacist consultation promotes safe and effective medication use, benefits in the management of chronic disease, improves patient outcomes and reduces healthcare costs.

What are the benefits of pharmacy?
Pharmacy is an easily accessible and cost-effective option where one can get educated on health and wellness and use medications safely.