Pill Packs

A Pill Pack is a convenient packaging system that contains multiple medications in one blister. It helps in taking medicines at a specific time in a day. 

Uses and Benefits 


Pill Packs are beneficial for elderly people who have trouble in remembering. These help in eliminating the confusion on how or when to take their medications


People who take care of needful elderly patients (such as caretakers, family members, etc) can rely on these pill packs as they are very convenient and easily understandable


These are also a great choice if you are traveling and don’t want to risk losing your medication

How we Help 

Call us @ 816-356-4600 or get registered with Stadium Pharmacy to get your medications in convenient packs so that you can easily know what to take and when to take. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is provided with pill packs?
Pill packs contain multiple medications labelled with names, their strength, and quantity along with date and time to be taken.
What is a pill packer?
A pill packer is a convenient packaging system where meds are organized so that can easily pick the right med with right quantity on the right time.
Does stadium have a Pill Packs program?
Yes, Stadium Pharmacy has Pill Packs Program.
What is a daily pill box called?
Pill Packs at Stadium Pharmacy can also be called as Daily Pill Box because one can easily have their daily pills organized.