Medication Synchronization

It’s a hassle for patients to visit the pharmacy multiple times in a month to pick up their prescriptions. This might lead to Medication non-adherence and can affect their health.  

Stadium Pharmacy is significantly known for its Medication Synchronization program. The program allows patients to pick up all their medications on a single visit each month.

What is Medication Synchronization?  

Medication Synchronization is a Medication Management strategy. Our pharmacists review and synchronize all the medications that patient takes and fills all of them on a single day each month, making it very convenient for the patient to pick up on a single visit.  

How do we make ‘Med Sync’ Simpler?


Talk to our Stadium Pharmacists and enroll in our Medication Synchronization Program.


Our pharmacists will review the medications with the doctors, set up on Autofill, and Synchronize those medications so that you can pick up all your medications on one particular day each month.


Once enrolled we will contact you for the pick up.


If you have any questions, you are welcome to call us @ 816-356-4600

Frequently Asked Questions

What is medication synchronization?
It is a medication management strategy, where one can have their prescriptions refilled and picked up on the same day each month.
What are the benefits of medication adherence?
Medication Adherence benefits reduced hospitalizations, saves cost, and assures better health outcomes.
What kind of medicine is synchronized?
Any prescription medicine can be synchronized.